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What is the rationale behind the acquisition?

Chemtura and LANXESS, together, will be a major player in the additives field with a global presence. Chemtura and LANXESS complement one another, both with respect to product portfolios and geographies. 

The combination results in significant cost and top-line synergies. With the acquisition of the Chemtura business, LANXESS can deliver on its strategy to focus on mid-sized markets and participate more strongly in the ongoing growth in North America. 

This transaction will enable LANXESS to diversify its end-market exposure and develop into a more stable and efficient company, while improving its cash generation.

With this acquisition, we are forming a champion in the field of additives and are strengthening LANXESS' already profitable portfolio.

The Urethanes business offers a new class of high-tech materials for applications that include the mining, oil and leisure industries. The business has a low asset intensity and is well positioned in hot-cast prepolymers. It also has new capacities in place to cater for future growth in Asia (Nantong site, China).

The Organometallics business will be integrated into LANXESS' Advanced Industrial Intermediates (AII) business unit. It will have an established presence in Europe, especially in catalysts for polymers, and possesses outstanding production know-how. Organometallics operates in a highly competitive market environment.

How do the Chemtura and LANXESS businesses complement each other?

With the acquisition of Chemtura, LANXESS will strengthen its profitable specialty chemicals portfolio. Chemtura’s product portfolio is an ideal complement for our additives business. For instance, additives produces phosphorus-based flame retardants, while Chemtura specializes in bromine-based flame retardants. Together, we will be better able to innovate and offer our customers a comprehensive line of flame retardants to meet their requirements.

This also holds true for lubricants and lubricant additives, where we will be able to offer a much broader portfolio to customers.

LANXESS and Chemtura together will be competitive along the entire value chain, offering a broader range of products and service solutions to our customers. Beyond complementing our existing additives portfolio, the transaction will expand LANXESS’ regional presences, particularly in North America. 

Will LANXESS keep the current Legal entities?

It is generally planned to simplify the legal entity structure of the combined enterprise. LANXESS is currently in the process of analyzing opportunities for merging LANXESS and Chemtura legal entities in certain countries. Chemtura legal entities will be renamed to LANXESS legal entities.

How does the Urethanes business fit into the LANXESS organization?

The Urethanes business is a very good fit with the strategy that LANXESS decided to pursue in 2015, because it focuses on mid-sized markets and has a strong position in the recovering U.S. market.

What is the vision of the new company, its core values, business units, organization chart, etc.?

Regarding our core values: LANXESS firmly believes that the success of any enterprise is primarily driven by its employees. It is their know-how and their commitment that lead to innovative products and processes and create a positive image. There must, however, be a common understanding of how our people interact with one another. Our values, our Formula X and our leadership principles apply universally to all LANXESS employees, as depicted in our value tree.

Why is LANXESS combining Rubber Additives Business + Color Additives Business into a single Business Unit? What about the “Additives BU”?

Both Rubber Additives Business and Color Additives Business consist of specialty businesses that involve a more customer-centric approach and generally smaller volumes than the businesses that have been combined within our Additives (ADD) business unit. The newly structured Rhein Chemie business unit will allow for a more targeted approach.

How does the deal benefit Urethane customers?

The Urethanes business is now part of a much larger, stronger global enterprise with the resources to better serve our customers. Our team is committed and close to the markets and applications you care about. This provides us a solid understanding of future requirements, which enables us to innovate and stay at the forefront of technology.

When will LANXESS inform customers about the rebranding?

The customers will not be explicitly informed about rebranding activities. LANXESS will inform customers, suppliers and other business partners if any legal entities are renamed.

Will my Chemtura email address still be valid or will the change be implemented immediately? What will be the new email addresses of the employees?

To ensure business continuity, there will be no immediate changes. Chemtura email addresses will continue to function after April 21st. It is planned to give all Chemtura employees new LANXESS email addresses in the course of 2017 once the necessary technical development has taken place.

Is LANXESS going to keep the existing name for the plant?

In LANXESS terminology, plants are usually named by their location.

Are other acquisitions being considered to grow the Urethanes portfolio?

As this business is considered a growth engine, both organic and M&A-driven expansion are feasible if convincing business cases are presented.

Who will be running the Urethanes business? 

Markus Eckert will be the global Business Unit head for the Urethanes business.

What will happen regarding the supply chain / customer service?

The central supply chain organization of Chemtura will be integrated into the Additives (ADD) business unit. ADD will provide services to Urethane Systems, and to a lesser extent to the Rhein Chemie Business Unit and to the Organometallics (OMS) business in the Advanced Industrial Intermediates (AII) Business Unit. There will be no change in day-to-day operations.

How does Chemtura's Urethanes business fit into LANXESS?

The urethanes business will form the basis of the newly created Urethane Systems unit within LANXESS. The business will be a pillar of the Engineering Materials segment. As an independent business unit with entrepreneurial spirit, Urethane Systems will continue to be a committed supplier to deliver solutions tailored to customers' needs. Urethanes will be a separate business unit with more responsibility and decision-making power than before in the IPP segment. Business units at LANXESS are centrally managed and have global responsibility.

How can I learn more about LANXESS?

Brief information regarding LANXESS will be distributed to all Chemtura employees. Generally, the main sources of information are the Extranet and the LANXESS website. The webpage will remain online but will be incorporated into the LANXESS corporate presence.

Will LANXESS keep the Chemtura brands? Will the Chemtura brand switch to LANXESS?

LANXESS plans to integrate the Chemtura businesses, including the corporate design, into the LANXESS brand presence. The corporate logos of companies within the Chemtura group - such as Chemtura, Crompton, Baxenden and DayStar - will not be actively used. LANXESS intends to strengthen the LANXESS brand by transitioning the strong family of Chemtura product brands that customers know and associate with high quality. All Chemtura trade/product names will be retained, but will be modified to show they are now part of LANXESS.  

Are the safety standards of LANXESS comparable to the Chemtura safety standards?

LANXESS has very high safety standards. We want LANXESS' employees and those of our partners to go home from work as healthy as when they arrived. Meeting this goal is one of the central tasks of Xact, the global safety program. The aim of Xact is to systematically and sustainably increase occupational, plant and process safety, thereby protecting health and the environment worldwide.

Xact is the group's first occupational safety program applicable to all business units and group functions worldwide. Over time, all the previous safety programs of individual business units will be collated and developed as part of Xact.  

Will existing contracts stay valid?

Business relationships with customers that have contractual agreements will continue on the existing terms.

Will customers get a new sales contact person?

In most cases customers will keep their current sales contacts. The respective sales rep will schedule meetings with customers over the next few weeks to inform them about LANXESS and the acquisition.

How does the deal benefit me as a customer?

The Chemtura businesses are now part of a much larger, stronger global enterprise with the resources to better serve our customers. Our team is globally committed and close to the markets and applications customers about. This provides us a solid understanding of future requirements, which enables us to innovate and stay at the forefront of technology. LANXESS is a reliable business partner that places great emphasis on high quality and environmental standards. Moreover, LANXESS is a globally operating chemicals company with a wide-ranging product portfolio. This means we can also provide solutions for your other businesses or offer you combined solutions.

Will the order and payment processes change? Does LANXESS use a different system?

No, there will be no changes to order or payment processes. The compatibility of electronic order placement processes is ensured. It is possible that changes will be made at a later time.

Will there be changes to the product portfolio in the Additives Business Unit?

LANXESS does not intend to discontinue any products. LANXESS has a strong portfolio of additives currently marketed through Rhein Chemie Additives.

Will development projects with customers be continued?

Yes, projects with customers will continue. These projects provide valuable input, leading to product improvements and new developments and strengthening our relationships with key customers.

Does LANXESS have comparable environmental standards?

LANXESS has very high environmental standards and has invested significantly to further improve them. Our efforts have been widely recognized. For example, LANXESS is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

What is LANXESS` position regarding R&D investment and how does it compare to Chemtura?

At LANXESS we are increasing our competitiveness by developing innovative products and processes and continuing to optimize existing production methods. In the area of research and development, our efforts are systematically aligned toward making our products and processes as sustainable as possible, thereby laying the foundation for LANXESS' long-term success.

Whom should customers contact for Material Safety Data Sheets?

Please contact the Head of the Regulatory Affairs Department (or HSEQ) in your country.

Whom should customers contact to find out the inventory and REACH status of a product?

Please contact the Head of the Regulatory Affairs Department in your country.

Who will handle any quality complaints about Chemtura products?

Please contact the HSEQ Officer for your business unit.

Will new vendors/customers or vendor/customer changes be handled the same way as they currently are?

If it is necessary to change suppliers in order to improve competitiveness, this will be done through a joint effort by all stakeholders. Decisions will not be taken in isolation.

How will legal entities and sales entities be renamed?

Chemtura Corp will be renamed to LANXESS Solutions US Inc. Other Chemtura legal entities will be systematically renamed thereafter. The aim is to rename entities as quickly as possible.

LANXESS is also interested in marketing the Chemtura/LANXESS portfolio. Will this be possible and when will a decision be made?

The sales channel strategy and distribution structure will be reviewed in the months after closing. LANXESS' goal in the meantime is to ensure the high level of supply service and security to which customers and business partners are accustomed. LANXESS will consider your request and keep you updated in due course.

How can a Chemtura product be purchased together with a LANXESS product?

Until further notice the order process will remain the same as in the past. In some cases this means that customers will need to place orders at two locations (legal entities). We will be working with its customers and business partners to identify the appropriate network of contacts to meet customer requirements.

Will the entire product portfolio of Chemtura/LANXESS continue to be available?

The product portfolio will be unchanged and will form part of the company's offering. The new Additives will be reviewing and adapting its future product portfolio to its strategy with the aim of maintaining the high level of supply service and security that customers and business partners have been accustomed to.

How will LANXESS handle joint customers (LANXESS will be getting questions from its customers about Chemtura products and vice versa)

The business will operate as before until further notice. This means that sales managers should plan a joint visit to explain  to customers that it will be business as usual until further notice and that instead of one sales rep they will have two while we work out the new organizational structure. Within the first few months, the sales management team will review its regional and local strategy and establish the appropriate customer allocation and coverage based on defined factors.

Which products are available in my region?

From Day 1 business will continue as usual, marketability of material can be found in the specific organizations and remains unchanged. Please approach a colleague from the LANXESS/Chemtura organization for clarification if specific issues arise. 

Will customers foresee any manufacturing footprint changes and, if so, in what businesses/locations/timing?

Chemtura’s manufacturing platform is fundamental to the attractiveness of LANXESS' overall business case for the transaction. LANXESS is of course looking to determine the best possible organizational structure for the combined business. This process is still ongoing. We will provide information about any changes.

Will the ISO 9001 certification for Chemtura GmbH remain valid? Will container inspections carried out under the Chemtura name remain valid?

Container inspections carried out under the Chemtura name will remain valid until the end of the year.The ISO certificates will become formally invalid with the LE name change. During the transition period we will request a new certification.

What is the Chemtura/LANXESS plan to ensure a seamless supply? Did you increase your stock or should your customers pre-buy?

The Chemtura/LANXESS business will operate as usual, there is no need to pre-buy or increase stocks.

Will the web page for container returns stay online? What will the new URL be?

Yes, the web page will remain available. Its accessibility, content and functionality will remain unchanged, but the design will be adjusted to reflect the corporate design of LANXESS.

Will there be any changes in the contact persons for sales, customer service etc.?

The existing OMS contacts within the Regional Shared Service Centers as well as the existing OMS sales contacts will remain unchanged for the OMS business after closing.

Customers should update their IT systems with the new LANXESS vendor information: this can take some weeks. Is it acceptable to use the DayStar name during the interim period?

Yes, we plan to rename the Chemtura legal entities. The current names will remain in place unless otherwise notified. We will inform customers in good time when legal entity names are to be changed.  Customers and suppliers will receive letters shortly after closing with necessary information and related timings.

Who should I tell my customers to contact for things such as placing orders, paying bills, customer complaints, credit department for past dues, etc.?

Generally there will be no change. The same contact will remain the contact until a new contact is communicated.

If a customer is served not by LANXESS directly but via a distributor from e.g. Chemtura, how should the sales rep reply to a customer who wants to deal directly with a new LANXESS Additives sales rep rather than go through the distributor?

The business will operate as usual until further notice. Distributors/agents from both LANXESS/Chemtura will continue to call on and serve their respective customers. However, as part of the distributor management process, LANXESS will review and optimize the sales channels. LANXESS' goal is to provide efficient sales services to customers.

How should customers deal with a situation in which LANXESS or Chemtura distributors are selling competitor products competing with new Additives portfolio?

The business will operate as usual until further notice. However, as part of the distributor management process, we will review and optimize the sales channels. LANXESS' goal is to work together with our valued distribution partners to grow the Additives business.

What immediate changes will customers and vendors see?

A letter will be sent to all customers, suppliers and vendors informing them of the acquisition of Chemtura. In addition, most output documents created via Chemtura’s SAP, Movex, Daystar and AS400 systems will have LANXESS logos on them and the content will start to be converted to LANXESS.

What about return bills of lading for containers with residue from the last shipment? How will that paperwork be handled?

For the time being, there is no intention to change the current procedures as LANXESS will start our joint business in two different landscapes.

Will customer orders have to be re-planned to ensure that the modified master data for the documents are correct and will related process orders (for container orders) have to be re-entered?

Our current understanding is that the name change for OMS-relevant legal entities will not require sales orders to be replanned or re-entered because the underlying master data structure will remain unchanged even if the name of the legal entity changes. 

Similarly, it is expected that the related process orders for the alkyl business as well as container returns will not need to be modified or re-entered.

Are new labels needed?

The use of new labels will start as part of LANXESS' overall rebranding strategy.

What do the new sales channels look like?

The sales channels remain direct, via agents, distributors or resellers. A full review of the individual channels will be carried out in due course to increase our efficiency and market attractiveness.

Will the same sales person be responsible for Rubber Additives Business & Colorants Additives Business?

Within the Rhein Chemie BU the vast majority of sales representatives will have dedicated responsibilities for either Rubber Additives Business or Colorants Additives Business. In the very few cases where a dedicated resource is not justified due to the size of a business in a specific territory, sales representatives will represent both business lines or in some cases even additional businesses from other business units.

When will LANXESS start to handle the Chemtura business? Should orders be placed with LANXESS?

The Chemtura acquisition will not necessitate any changes regarding order placement for the customers of the Rubber Additives Business and Colorants Additives business lines.

Why was (the new name) not “Business Unit Rhein Chemie & Colorants”?

Rhein Chemie continues to be the umbrella brand for the rubber and colorants businesses as it was previously. The name is associated with more than 125 years of success in the chemical industry, and the brand is especially strong in the rubber industry.

Is it planned to rename any Chemtura legal entities?

It is generally planned to change the name of the Chemtura legal entities to "LANXESS" as soon as possible. The first entity to be renamed will be Chemtura Corp., which will become "LANXESS Solution US Inc." The renaming of all further legal entities will follow.