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Our Values

We orient our activities on our values in order to achieve the LANXESS goals.


We are interested in a corporate culture in which responsible and morally irreprehensible actions and striving for performance do not contradict each other. Because: Values create values!

These  values are in place always and everywhere for all LANXESS employees.

Why we do what we do

Energizing Chemistry - We develop and manufacture chemical products and provide services in a safe and sustainable way. We aim to be an organization whose success is driven by the personal commitment and achievement of each and every employee.

In keeping with this, our goal is to steadily increase corporate value and generate high added value for the benefit of our shareholders, our customers, our employees and society as a whole.

How we want to work

At LANXESS, respect is defined as treating each other with appreciation and consideration, and being committed to keeping promises.

As a respectful LANXESS employee, I meet people on an equal footing and without prejudice. I receive their opinions regardless of their background, rank and position and express my own opinions openly.

At LANXESS, ownership is defined as embracing personal accountability for the full scope of the functions assigned to me and making them “my responsibility” as a business-owner would.

As an employee who demonstrates ownership, I proactively pursue positive business developments in my area of accountability and for the entire company. I act quickly and prudently, but never compromise on safety.

At LANXESS, trust is a basis for collaboration. Trust is built on reliability, transparency and trustworthiness.

As a trustworthy person, I consistently exemplify these qualities through both positive and negative developments and experiences.

At LANXESS, professionalism is defined as using knowledge and professional experiences to help achieve goals and find solutions.

Through my professionalism, I protect the interests of the company. I can accept criticism and am genuinely interested in improving both in my work and as a person.

At LANXESS, integrity is defined as an individual’s expression of honesty and sincerity.

As a role model with regard to integrity, I keep my word and act in compliance with values, rules, and laws.

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