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Colortherm®  synthetic iron oxide pigments are widely used in plastics and are extremely stable across a broad range of weather and temperature extremes.

Colortherm® synthetic iron oxide pigments have excellent dispersibility and color stability in plastics. They are also very stable at the high temperatures needed for the processing of thermoplastics Colortherm® pigments are REACH-certified and also comply with all EU norms of restriction of  heavy metal components.  

Business Unit : Inorganic Pigments

Properties and Benefits

  • Weatherability
  • Dispersibility
  • High temperature stability
  • RoHS certified

Areas of Applications

  • Automotive
  • Car refinishes
  • Dash boards
  • Furnishing fabrics 
  • Construction
  • Anti corrosive coatings
  • Roof coatings
  • Rubber liners


  • Synthetic iron oxide