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Adimoll® DB

Adimoll® DB is a plasticiser for melt processable cellulose esters (CAB, CP), vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymers (VCVAC), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), nitrocellulose etc.

Storage: If stored properly, the product keeps for 1 year.

Soluble in all common solvents, insoluble in water

Road tankers, metal drums, contents 200 kg


Adimoll DB is used as a plasticiser for a wide range of articles based on cellulose acetate butyrate and cellulose propionate, PVC etc. 

Typical fields of application are: 


  • Extrusion and injection moulding
  • Spectacle frames, protective goggles for welders, decorative trim and technical articles
  • Calendering
  • Various types of film 
  • Pigment batches
  • Film industry
  • Carrier for active ingredients
  • Animal collars 

Business Unit :  Rhein Chemie Additives


Areas of Applications :


  •  Manufacturing of plastics
  •  PVC
  •  Plasticizers for polymeres
  •  Polymer auxiliaries
  •  Polymeres
  •  Chemical synthesis
  •  Catalysis and Chemicals Processing




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