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Pocan is a range of semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyesters based on polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) offered in unfilled and compounded grades . Pocan grades of engineering hermoplastics are noted for their high mechanical properties , high heat resistance, excellent dimensional stability , .good electrical insulation properties , good processibility. 

Business Unit : High Performance Materials

Properties and Benefits

  • Heat resistance, 
  • Strength and hardness, 
  • Excellent slip properties 
  • High abrasion resistance, 
  • Good resistance to chemicals, 
  • Low susceptibility to stress cracking 
  • Low moisture absorption 

Areas of Applications

  • Vehicle Locking System
  • Head Lamp Bezel
  • Printed-Board Connectors
  • LSA PLUS Connectors
  • Airbag Connector 
  • Energy saving Lamp
  • Electrical Housings 
  • Switches 


  • (PBT+ASA)-Blends 
  • (PBT+PC)-Blends 
  • (PBT+PET)-Blends 
  • PBT 
  • PBT-Blends 
  • PBT/ASA 
  • PBT/PC 
  • PBT/PET 
  • PBTP 
  • PET 
  • PETP 
  • Polyethylenterephthalate
  • Polybutylene Terepthalate