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Butyl Rubber

Butyl rubber is a synthetic rubber produced by the polymerization of isobutene with a small amount of isoprene. It is impermeable to air and has many applications, ranging from inner tubes for tires to adhesives to sealants.

Butyl rubbers are copolymers of isobutene with small amounts of isoprene. The incorporation of isoprene creates double bonds allowing vulcanization with sulfur and other agents. The vulcanizate properties of LANXESS BUTYL make it particularly suitable for a variety of rubber products, such as tire inner tubes, curing bladders, and protective clothing.

Business Unit : Tire & Specialty Rubbers

Properties and Benefits

  •  Excellent aging stability
  •  High impermeability to gases
  •  High resistance to heat
  •  High hysteresis for energy absorption
  •  Slow vulcanization reactions (low levels of unsaturation)

Areas of Applications 

  • Tire Inner Liners
  • Pharmaceutical Closures
  • Protective Clothing
  • Chewing Gum


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  • Butyl Rubber