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Levagard® TEP

Levagard TEP is used as a flame retardant for making non-flammable polyurethane foams and polyurethane resins.

Levagard TEP is a triethyl phosphate flame retardant for polyurethane rigid foams and thermosets, as well as a viscosity reducer for polyols and prepolymers. 

Business Unit : Rhein Chemie Additives

Properties & Benefits

  • halogen-free flame retardant
  • high phosphorus content
  • low viscosity

Areas of Applications

  • Flame retardants for polymeres
  • Polymer auxiliaries
  • Polymers


  • Levagard TEP
  • Levagard TEP-Z
  • Phosphoric acid triethylester
  • TEP
  • Triethylphosphate