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Support to Government Schools, Jhagadia

• LANXESS supported the government school in Fulwadi and Selod, as a part of its social responsibility initiatives in the area of education. Two schools, Balshiksha Kendra at Fulwadi and Selod Secondary school  in Selod were supported  for infrastructur development. The infrastructure support for the school included installation of school gate and painting the boundary walls, repairing the doors and windows of the schools, painting the building and the roof, installing sink with provision of drinking water and wash area, renovating the urinal and fencing the school walls with wire mess.

• In 2012 LANXESS India took an initiative towards supporting education of children in and around Jhagadia site. Two neighboring government schools at Fulwadi and Kapalsadi were selected for the same. LANXESS supported these schools with infrastructure as well as essential items for students. The teaching and studying materials included slate, slate pen, notebook, pens, pencils, sketch pen, drawing book, crayons, sports items, cloth bags and green writing boards and notice boards for the classrooms. In terms of infrastructure, LANXESS built a concrete courtyard and painted the classrooms. The principals’ of both the schools expressed their heart felt gratitude and applauded the activities initiated by LANXESS in their school. They said "LANXESS came forward with good intentions and the right attitude to help the students of the schools. Hence they were able to achieve the improvements done in the school in such a short timeframe. The schools and classrooms look good and the impact created is huge which was evident in the enthusiasm and the bright smiles of all the children and the teachers of the schools."

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