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Saltigo at InformEx,<br> New Orleans, USA, Stand 548,<br> February 3 to 5, 2015

Saltigo – expertise and flexibility in dynamic markets

“Forming strategic partnerships and working within far-sighted strategic networks are currently the most attractive business options for an exclusive synthesis specialist like Saltigo,” remarks Jörg Schneider. At this year's InformEx, such opportunities for cooperation are therefore a key priority for Schneider, head of Marketing at Leverkusen-based Saltigo GmbH, a subsidiary of specialty chemicals company LANXESS. The InformEx exhibition and conference for fine and specialty chemicals and custom manufacturing is taking place in New Orleans, United States, from February 3 to 5, 2015.  

Tailor-made solutions for many industries

Saltigo's portfolio of customizable service packages in the field of exclusive synthesis caters to a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. “Agrochemicals is one key area of our work and we have been working successfully with important global players in this sector for years now,” continues Schneider. However, the current portfolio also continues to feature projects with partners in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly during Phase III of clinical trials and in commercial production. Schneider also sees potential for further future development in the fine chemicals business, where there is demand for end products and intermediates for polymer additives, paper and special electronic chemicals, and aromas, for example.

Saltigo also offers high-quality, non-exclusive chemicals (multi-customer products) that it supplies at standard market conditions. These include aliphatic and aromatic amines, heterocycles such as 1,2,4-triazole, 1,1'-carbonylbis(imidazole) and benzothiazole, phosphane ligands for homogeneous catalysis, and phosgene derivatives, particularly chloroformates. Recently, Saltigo has brought the technical and organizational sides of its phosgene chemistry business together in a dedicated facility in Dormagen so it can be even faster and more flexible in responding to customer requirements in the future. “Saltidin, which is very effective as an insect repellent and is recommended by the WHO, is one of these multi-customer products and is increasingly in demand,” comments Dirk Sandri, head of Marketing Fine Chemicals at Saltigo.

Integrated production at the heart of Europe

“We can offer attractive package solutions to our customers in all areas. Our years of experience in the field of process development, continuous process improvement, our systematic, integrated project management and, last but not least, our integration in the outstanding Chempark infrastructure open up a whole host of opportunities for achieving lasting improvements in production efficiency and thus the competitiveness of our customers,” adds Schneider. Saltigo's integration in the exceptional supply and disposal network of the Chempark sites in Dormagen and Leverkusen is particularly beneficial when it comes to large-scale production operations generating several hundred metric tons per year. As Schneider points out: “Our customers, too, benefit from the locational advantages of our production facilities and the fact that they have excellent logistics links right at the heart of Europe.”  Saltigo's versatile and flexibly combinable plant base offers additional advantages with regard to complex, convergent syntheses. For example, several intermediates can be manufactured in parallel rather than in series, which can significantly shorten the total production time and reduce storage costs.

Expertise generates added value

The fundamental competencies of an exclusive synthesis partner include producing substances reliably, on schedule, in consistently high quality and in compliance with all environmental and safety regulations. “These are now the criteria that must also be used to measure competitors who have previously operated more cheaply in emerging markets in Asia, for example,” explains Schneider. However, he expects stricter regulations, improved monitoring and rising wages to lead to higher production costs, which would in turn eradicate existing price benefits.

The real added value for a customer who works with an experienced European provider of exclusive synthesis, like Saltigo, is in the additional services the company can offer. Summing up, Schneider says: “These include our collaborative role in project planning, full-spectrum project management, process development, cost-optimized raw materials procurement, contributions in the area of supply chain management, and consultation and support with registration.”



Saltigo GmbH is a leading supplier in the field of custom synthesis. The company of specialty chemicals group LANXESS belongs to the Advanced Intermediates segment, which achieved total sales in 2013 of EUR 1,647 million. Saltigo, headquartered in Leverkusen and with production facilities in Leverkusen and Dormagen, employs around 1,200 staff worldwide.