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Levapren in Partymoon® balloon lights: lightweight, durable, UV-resistant

Eye-catcher above the buffet

If you want your party to become an event, candles and a string of lights won't get you very far these days. What an increasing number of people are going for in such cases is a "Partymoon®". These innovative light sources from Nölle IUT GmbH Powermoon, in Rheinberg, Germany, are self-inflating balloons with integrated lamps. In just a few easy steps, they can be mounted on a stand or suspended to provide atmosphere and light up any scene like an artificial moon. For its larger Partymoon® models, the manufacturer uses lightweight, translucent elastomer membranes made of high-performance Levapren synthetic rubber from LANXESS. The elastic material is weather and UV-resistant, allows light to pass through from the inside of the balloon without discoloring it, and provides the necessary stability for the large balloons measuring 3.0 to 5.5 meters in diameter.

"The Partymoon® is basically a descendent of our highly durable HeliMax Powermoon®, which has been effectively illuminating large construction sites and sports events for years now," says Jürgen Nölle, the engineer who developed this unusual light source. "Over the years, we repeatedly received inquiries as to whether our balloons could also be used for parties or other similar events. So we decided to introduce the Partymoon® to the market, as a product that is easy for the average consumer to handle and suitable even for indoor use." 

Just like their big brothers, these party half-pints immerse the surroundings in a pleasant, natural, virtually glare-free light with no cast shadows. Nevertheless, differences do exist between the professional and party versions. While the HeliMax Powermoon® from Nölle – which claims to be the world's largest illuminated balloon manufacturer – can be released on a tether to float up any number of meters into the sky, thanks to the helium inside, the Partymoon® is inflated by an integrated low-noise blower and mounted on a stand. Because of carefully selected materials, like fiber glass, this light source is also very lightweight and easy to transport. It accepts not only mercury vapor and metal halide lamps, but also energy-saving lamps, which can be used to create color accents when combined with easy-to-mount filters. Over 1,000 colors are available for this purpose.

One thing the moons have in common, at least with the larger Partymoons®, is the use of membranes made of Levapren, which Nölle purchases from a major German supplier of technical rubber products. Levapren offers high strength, even when combined with only small quantities of silica as the reinforcing filler. The polyamide-reinforced membranes therefore boast high durability and abrasion resistance. As a result, the balloon skins for the large Partymoons® can be of extremely thin and lightweight design despite their considerable size. What's more, neither Levapren nor silica absorbs visible light, meaning the lamp's light color is not affected in any way. Thanks to the opacity of the material, together with the diffusing effect of the filler, the lamps inside the balloon produce no glare, rather they illuminate the surroundings with a pleasant, diffused light, similar to daylight.

Another advantage is that as an unsaturated elastomer, Levapren is UV-resistant. In other words, it will not yellow from exposure to daylight or from the use of metal halide lamps with a high proportion of UV light in their output spectrum. With membranes made of other, non-UV-resistant rubber products, just a few hours of operation can be sufficient to darkly discolor the product and render it useless.

Celebrations are not the only domain of the Partymoons® from Rheinberg: they have provided magical illumination for historical buildings, such as the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, and for evening cultural events, like those held in the Park of the Senses in Hanover, Germany. Visitors to K 2010 can witness how the Partymoons® perform at a trade show by stopping by the LANXESS stand.

You can find further information concerning LANXESS chemistry and Partymoon® balloons in our WebMagazine at

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 5.06 billion in 2009 and currently around 14,400 employees in 23 countries. The company is represented at 42 production sites worldwide. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of plastics, rubber, intermediates and specialty chemicals.


Press Release

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Press Release

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Partymoons® are self-inflating balloons containing a built-in illuminant, manufactured by the German company Nölle IUT GmbH – Powermoon. These light and easily mounted eyecatchers illuminate every setting almost glare-free. The high-performance rubber Levapren from LANXESS allows the fabrication of particularly thin and lightweight membranes. Even light from mercury vapor lamps passes the membranes without tint and without yellowing the balloon. (Photo: Nölle IUT GmbH - Powermoon)

2010-00179e_1.jpg [JPG, 783 KB]


The reflecting "Spiegelhaus" in Dusseldorf's Media Harbor lit up by the Partymoon® illuminated balloon. For its larger Partymoon® models, the manufacturer uses lightweight, translucent elastomer membranes made of high-performance Levapren synthetic rubber from LANXESS. (Photo: Nölle IUT GmbH - Powermoon)

2010-00179e_2.jpg [JPG, 824 KB]

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