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Bayfomox is a family of flame retardants for polymers that can resist open fire for a long time.

Bayfomox offers a reactive dual-component polyurethane system that is used to manufacture extremely flame-retardant articles for fire stop applications. This enables items with a general building certification – such as strips, mats or “masonry blocks” – to be produced to seal holes in masonry for cables or pipes. When exposed to high temperatures in an emergency, the molded parts turn into a heat-insulating carbonized foam that prevents both fire and fumes getting through for a long period.

The new Bayfomox coating system lends polyurethane insulating boards three important properties in one manufacturing step, when in the past three separate operations were necessary. The properties in question are good thermal insulation, high fire resistance and acoustic insulation to DIN EN ISO 10534-2. The system is suitable for the manufacture of insulating boards with a fire resistance rating according to Class F45-F60 for floors, walls as well as sloping and flat roofs. The two-component system can be modified by the customer, e.g. through the addition of water or a cell regulator and the variation of the isocyanatepolyol ratio, thereby enabling customized adjustment of the foam density, softness and cell density of the coating.

Bussiness Unit :
Rhein Chemie Additives

Areas of Applications

  • good thermal insulation
  • high fire resistance
  • acoustic insulation


  • Nitrogen and Phosphate