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Lewatit® VP OC 1064

Lewatit VP OC 1064 is an adsorber resin that can be used to remove chlorinated and nitrated hydrocarbons, phenols, aromatic compounds, pesticides, detergents, colored compounds and other impurities from waste water.

Lewatit® VP OC  1064 is a monodispersive and macroporous adsorber resin without functional groups. It has a very good chemical and mechanical stability and can be used in the extraction /purification of natural or synthetic organic products in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. It is invaluable in the adsorption / removal of:

  • anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants
  • chlorinated and nitrated hydrocarbons
  • colorants or inert organic materials
  • residual concentrations of liquid-liquid extractants, e.g. tributylphosphate and di-2-ethyhexlphosphate in the recycling of effluents, treatment of solutions of organic chemical products and purification of industrial effluents.
  • removal of non-polar organic ingredients of low molecular mass from landfill leachates Prior to industrial application, preliminary tests should be carried out on a laboratory scale, in order to determine the maximum adsorptive capacity and the optimum regenerant. Experience has shown that the end-capacity of the adsorber resin is reached after the third cycle.


Business Unit : Liquid Purification Technologies


  • Purification of solutions

Properties & Benefits:

Lewatit® VP OC 1064  has the following properties:

  • very good mechanical stability and low attrition
  • longer resin life time and better regeneration efficiency compared to activated carbon
  • high adsorption capacity especially at medium and high feed concentration
  • good kinetic performance during adsorption and elution


  • Lewatit VP OC  1064


Prakash Shanmugam

Prakash Shanmugam
Head of Sales Indian Subcontinent

Phone: +91 22 6875 1220

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