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Clean Water

Less than 1% of the water worldwide is usable for people. LANXESS products and technologies for water treatment help to make water drinkable.

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Desalinated water for crops

LANXESS Lewabrane reverse osmosis membrane elements desalinate seawater to irrigate crops.

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Colorful Leather

Leather is available in different colours. Do you know why? LANXESS Levaderm liquid dyestuffs deliver brightest shades.

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Intelligent sticking with Levamelt

Did you know that LANXESS´s synthetic rubber Levamelt can be used for self-adhesive stickers? The use of Levamelt secures that stickers can be removed without a trace.

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LANXESS and Saudi Aramco rubber joint venture to be launched on April 1, 2016, under the name ARLANXEO.

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CO2 reduction

Read in the LANXESS WebMagazine how LANXESS contributes with technical-solutions to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases at its manufacturing sites.

Clean Water

Desalinated water

Colorful Leather



CO2 reduction


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