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A strong partnership

LANXESS and Saudi Aramco create world-leading joint venture for synthetic rubber.

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LANXESS WebMagazine

We can no longer imagine our everyday life without plastics. In the car, at home or during our leisure time—they are ever present.

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Wellness - Energized by LANXESS!

Our antioxidant Vulkanox extends the shelf life of moisturizer by preventing it from oxidation when exposed to air.

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Vulkacit® makes car tires more durable!

Our additive Vulkacit® makes rubber more elastic and extends its shelf life. In our WebMagazine you find more applications in which LANXESS products play an important role.


Perfect Green!

With LANXESS Colortherm® pigments artificial golf turfs shine in perfect green. Our pigments provide colors that are light-fast and weather-resistant.

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Synthetic rubber with high resilience and excellent heat resistance properties

LANXESS has developed Keltan 9565Q, an ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM) that can really compete with natural rubber (NR), which is susceptible to aging. This new grade is characterized by its extremely high NR-type strength and resilience.

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Benign protection from mosquito bites

Benign protection from mosquito bites Mosquito bites can be a real nuisance. The active ingredient Saltidin® offers high effectiveness, extreme safety and pleasance when used properly.

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A strong partnership

LANXESS WebMagazine

Extend shelf life


Vulkacit® makes car

tires more durable!

Perfect Green!

Colortherm® Pigments

Synthetic rubber with

high resilience

Benign protection from

mosquito bites


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