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LANXESS India Private Limited:
LANXESS India was incorporated in India on February 20, 2004, and was named as LANXESS India Private Limited on June 30, 2004. LANXESS India Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LANXESS Deutschland GmbH is represented through all its ten business units, operating out of its registered office in Thane and sales office in New Delhi with around 800 employees across its operations. The company also has manufacturing facilities in India for four of its business units. The manufacturing sites are located in Nagda in Madhya Pradesh and Jhagadia in Gujarat. Production facilities for business units Liquid Purification Technologies (ion exchange resins), Material Protection Products (biocides) and Rhein Chemie (business line FTA and business line SRP) are operational in Jhagadia. The business unit Flavors & Fragrances has production facilities in Nagda.


LANXESS has invested a sizeable amount in India in the last few years, in greenfield investments, acquisitions and in upgradation of assets, which validates the potential of the Indian chemical industry. LANXESS is here to be a part of this growth and expects to grow its operations in the Indian subcontinent in the coming years.


Manufacturing Facilities of LANXESS in India:

  • Business Unit Rhein Chemie Additives relocated to Jhagadia in 2012
  • Business Unit Material Protection Products relocated to Jhagadia in 2012
  • Business Unit Liquid Purification Technologies commenced operations in Jhagadia in 2010
  • Business Unit Flavors & Fragrances has a production facility in Nagda 

Sustainability Projects:

  • Sewage Treatment Plant in Nagda operational since 2009
  • Waste water post treatment plant in Nagda operational since 2012
  • Cogeneration plants in Nagda operational since 2010
  • Off-gas incinerator for zero VOC emission in Jhagadia
  • Shifting of transport dependency on rail - With 96% of LANXESS’ export related goods’ transfer from Jhagadia and more than 60% of that from Nagda now done by rail leading to over 50% reduction in emission per shipment (tCO2/shipment) over the years


Vice Chairman & Managing Director: Namitesh Roy Choudhury


In all its activities around the world, LANXESS subscribes to the principle of sustainable development. The company’s goal is to bring in line economic, ecological and social aspects within its corporate strategy. LANXESS is listed in the leading sustainability indices Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World).

LANXESS is treading the path that is inherent in its name: Combined from the French verb 'lancer’ meaning to thrust forward and the English noun ‘success’, LANXESS represents the determined will to achieve and the readiness to embrace continual change.

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