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Safe handling of chemicals

Hazardous goods management and transport safety

As a responsible chemicals company, LANXESS works tirelessly to ensure that hazardous goods are always handled correctly – and that includes the safe transportation of products. An efficient hazardous goods management system helps to prevent potential health risks and pollution worldwide.

LANXESS Global Dangerous Goods Management coordinates the implementation of international, regional and local hazardous goods transport regulations. Its tasks include classifying marketable products, raw materials, samples and waste according to the applicable regulations. Appropriate packaging, modes of transport and routes can then be selected based on these classifications.

Limiting potential hazards

Besides the actual transport logistics, the Transport Safety unit at LANXESS is also responsible for upstream and downstream processes. These include loading and unloading, filling and emptying, handling operations and load securing for hazardous and non-hazardous goods. Potential hazards in the process chain are systematically identified and minimized through appropriate precautions.

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