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Rhein Chemie - rubber and colorant additives

Largest supplier of additives for the rubber industry

Our business unit Rhein Chemie offers individual and innovative product solutions for the rubber industry. These include rubber chemicals, specialty chemicals and processing aids. Our solutions are used to create high-performance rubber products such as profiles, seals, drive belts or tires.

A durable car tire is the result of a complex manufacturing process in which the tire is built up from various rubber compounds and reinforcing materials. Rubber is soft and not very durable until vulcanization. By using rubber chemicals and various fillers, the raw material rubber is turned into a high-performance product. With the selection of the respective rubber type as well as the crosslinking chemicals and additives, the final article obtains the desired technical properties.

The Rhein Chemie business unit is organized into two business lines:

  • Specialty Rubber Products (SRP)
  • Functional Tire Additives (FTA)

Specialty Rubber Products (SRP) business line

Whether for tires or for technical rubber goods: as a partner to the rubber industry, we offer high-quality solutions – for the development of the compound to the production of the finished component.

We supply the rubber industry with a broad portfolio of predispersed chemicals, processing promoters, and vulcanization and filling activators. In addition, the portfolio also includes anti-sun check waxes, release agents, tire marking paints, and tire curing bladders.

Innovations in detail

With our products Rhenogran® CLD-80, Aflux® 37 and Vulcuren® we offer the solutions for the production of "green tires" – tires that provide a response to the worldwide growing demand for sustainable mobility.

At the same time, we offer innovative products for the energy, paint, and personal care industries – with CNT dispersions. Among the extraordinary properties of CNTs are  very high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Thanks to continuous strategic investments and acquisitions, LANXESS is now one of the leading global suppliers of tire curing bladders for tire production. 

Main brands and product groups

  • Rhenogran®: polymer-bound chemicals and additives
  • Aktiplast® and Aflux®: processing promoters
  • Vulcuren® and Perkalink®: specialty chemicals
  • Rhenodiv® and Rhenomark®: release agents and tread marking paints
  • Rhenoshape®: tire curing bladders for tire production
  • Rhenocure®: accelerator and hardener
  • Rhenofit®: functional additives, activators and desiccants

Functional Tire Additives (FTA) business line

As a strong partner to the tire industry, we offer the right additive for all steps of rubber production from a single source and thus also has the broadest product range for the manufacture of high-performance tires. Antioxidants protect rubber products from the harmful effects of oxygen and ozone. Accelerators facilitate the crosslinking of rubber, noticeably reducing vulcanization times. The DBD-Renacit® product line also supports and facilitates production in rubber processing.

Main brands and product groups

  • Vulkacit®: Accelerator
  • Vulkanox®: Antidegradant
  • Vulkazon®: Anti-ozonant
  • Renacit®: Peptizer
  • Zinkoxyd aktiv®
  • NaMBT 50%: corrosion inhibitor for use in aqueous and glycol containing coolants and in fluids miscible with water, flotation agent, sulfide collector for the mining industry, intermediate for the production of biocides
  • Vulkanox® 4005: Aminic antioxidant for the fuel and lubricant industry
  • Benzothiazole (BT): intermediate for the production of peptizers and biocides

Perfect solutions for your needs: 
Industries and application areas for our products

  • Tire industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Technical rubber goods
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Footwear industry
  • Mining industry
  • Pharma industry
  • Fuel industry
  • Lubricant industry
  • Construction industry
  • Latex industry

Your advantage

We are globally positioned: Worldwide production sites and technical competence centers are what set us apart. This enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers' needs.

Our goal is to work with our customers to optimize product quality, increase process and cost efficiency, and improve health and environmental protection.


Sriganesh U.P

Sriganesh U.P
Rhein Chemie

Phone: +91 22 6875 1530

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