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Before setting up the manufacturing site at Jhagadia, LANXESS experts carried out value engineering right at the concept stage. This made it clear that the company is focused on optimal use of natural resources, ensuring minimum impact on the environment and complete safety of our people. All this has been incorporated into the operational and investment strategy of the site.

The site can lay claim to some significant features as below:

  • 20 percent of total building costs were spent in sustainability projects.

  • Effluent treatment plant: It treats the waste water from the site before being discharged in the disposal system.

  • Sewage treatment plant: It treats the domestic effluents from the site as well as neighbouring colonies. The recovered water is used for cooling tower makeup and gardening.

  • Cogeneration plant: It generates power and steam for use by production facilities and is fuelled by natural gas. It saves emissions of around 31,000 tons of CO2 equivalents per year. Significant premium paid for Solo-NOX model in order to reduce harmful nitrogenous gas emissions and to recover the heat that further helps in reducing carbon footprint.

  • Off-gas Incinerator: Off-gas (VOC) from the production units and bulk storage units is collected and incinerated thereby reducing environmental footprint. Steam is generated using the heat recovered from flue gas, which is then used for production.

  • Occupational Heath Centre: Modern full-fledged facility equipped to handle all medical emergencies. Manned 24*7 under supervision of qualified medical officers and nurses.

  • Green zone:  From 2009 onwards, LANXESS India has been making continuous efforts in creating 'Green Zone' at its site. The company aims to plant around 7000 trees in and around the site, of which more than 3500 trees have already been planted.
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