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Our Values

We want to be a company whose success is determined by the personal commitment and performance of each individual employee.

In that regard, our goal is to increase corporate value in a sustainable way and to contribute toward that value in a manner that serves the interests of our stockholders, customers, employees and society.

How we work - In order to achieve LANXESS’s objectives, we make sure that everything we do inside our company is in line with the values of respect, ownership, trust, professionalism and integrity. For us, this is all about creating a corporate culture in which responsible and morally irreprehensible actions and a striving for performance are not a contradiction, but actually complement one another. After all: values create value! Our values apply to all employees of LANXESS, everywhere and at all times.

Our guiding principles - To make it possible for us to live up to our values on an everyday basis, we have translated them into a set of guiding principles to be used by all employees and members of the company’s management. Our “Formula X,” the core elements of which consist of seek solutions, take ownership, keep it simple and think new, act fast, serves as a guide for every LANXESS employee. Ultimately, all of our values and principles contribute towards a company culture that is both lively and open. 



How we want to work

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