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Material Protection Products

Microbial control on global scale

Products from our Material Protection Products business unit (MPP) are used practically everywhere in the world in a wide array of applications. With our extensive portfolio of antimicrobial active ingredients,  preservatives and disinfectants, we deliver customized solutions for many market sectors, including:

  • Wood Protection
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Construction
  • Disinfection, especially in livestock production
  • Water treatment
  • Beverage industry

In addition, MPP provides a comprehensive technical service, registration support and project-specific research and development expertise.
Our global integrated network of production and research facilities, service centers and distribution channels means that you can trust that your specific requirements are in MPP’s safe hands.

All-round protection of materials

MPP’s extensive portfolio of products includes independently proven effective biocides and biocidal formulations for numerous applications:

We are a leading supplier of active ingredients for wood protection products. Our fungicides and insecticides are essential components of some of the most well-known formulated protective coatings for wood.

Our preservatives for paints and coatings do not only prolong the shelf life of paints, but also keep up the viscosity and pH of the product. Our fungicides and algaecides for applied paints care for a sustainable aesthetic.

Innovative products from MPP can also be found in diverse other applications of the construction sector like gypsum boards, preservation of concrete admixtures, water-based glues and plasters, but also in industrial applications like mineral slurries and polymer emulsions.

The use of our products for the process control of water treatment and metal working fluids are further examples for our broad application spectrum.

Powerful solutions against microorganisms

In the area of disinfection, we do not only sell active ingredients but also disinfectant products for the end market. The Virkon™ range of science-based biocidal technologies, for animal health biosecurity, have been specifically engineered to provide highly effective, fast-acting, flexible and convenient, modern formulated disinfectant solutions for commercial livestock producers, veterinary hospitals and farmers.

Oxone™ Monopersulfate Compound is used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications such as hydrometallurgy and metal finishing, organic synthesis and, as a chlorine-free shock oxidizer, used for the disinfection of swimming pools and spas. Furthermore, our actives are used in the electronics industry.

For the beverage industry, our Velcorin® brand provides a technology for microbial control of a wide range of spoilage microorganisms which could harm the beverage. Velcorin® is used around the world in many non-alcoholic soft drinks, beer mixes, cider and wine.

Registered and approved

Material protection products are subject to strict approval processes in many countries and regions. The safety of the active ingredients, of the products that customers use them in, of our employees, and of the environment are all high-priority objectives for us.

We provide toxicity and ecotoxicity-tested and officially registered products with all necessary national registrations in many countries and regions, e.g., in the EU and the United States. Our regulatory experts are actively involved in industry associations and are in close contact with registration authorities, thus ensuring a reliable regulatory framework for our customers´ registrations.

The most important brands

  • Preventol®:
  • Active ingredients and biocidal formulations for in-can preservation, disinfection actives and wood protection.
  • Velcorin®:
  • Technology for microbial control used in many non-alcoholic soft drinks, beer mixes, cider and wines.
  • Virkon™:
  • The premier range of science-based, formulated biocidal technologies, for animal health biosecurity.
  • Oxone™:
  • Active ingredient potassium monopersulfate used in a variety of industrial and consumer applications, e.g. pool and spa, personal care, disinfection and electronics industry.
  • Biox®:
  • Active ingredients and biocidal formulations for in-can preservation and dry-film protection for paints & coatings.
  • Tektamer® and Biochek®:
  • Active ingredients and biocidal formulations for in-can preservation.
  • Sporgard®, Azotech® and Metasol®:
  • Fungicides for construction, paper, paints and adhesives.
  • Evipol® and Xamox®:
  • Active ingredients for wood protection.
  • Veriguard®:
  • Biocides for construction, paper and water treatment.