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Corporate Responsibility

We at LANXESS believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities should look beyond our business boundaries and be directly beneficial to the local community where we operate.

The CSR activities carried out at Jhagadia so far are:

Chemistry Kit Donation:
As a part of its commitment towards education and its support towards science education at elementary school level, LANXESS donated chemistry kits to four schools namely, Kapalsadi school, Fulwadi school, St. Xaviers School and Dewan Dhanjishah High School and College, located near LANXESS site in Jhagadia.

Each of these chemistry kit consists of an experiment case, a box with additional equipment and instruction manuals. The manuals have description and instructions for conducting ten different experiments based on water solubility. The working materials and experiments are adapted to the needs, knowledge, and abilities of primary school-age children. These kits, being portable, are convenient for schools which do not have science rooms or laboratories.

World Environment Day:

June 2014: At the site in Jhagadia, LANXESS organized a drawing competition for students from Kapalsadi Municipal school located near the site. The theme for the competition was ‘How can we save the environment?’ The students were given drawing kits for this competition, which included a plastic pouch, pastel colors, pencil, scale and eraser. LANXESS also took this opportunity to explain the importance of environment protection to the students.  The students were also given lessons about the different ways in which they can save water, trees and keep their surroundings clean.

June 2012: 1900 saplings were planted in and around the site on the World Environment day. In addition, LANXESS also planted 100 saplings in the compound of Jhagadia GIDC police station.

Support to neighboring schools:
LANXESS has supported two government schools - Prathmik Mishrashala, Fulwadi and Prathmik Shala, Kapalsadi located near its site in Jhagadia with infrastructural requirements as well as essential items for students. LANXESS built a concrete courtyard and painted the classrooms.  The teaching and studying materials provided were slate, slate pen, notebook, pens, pencils, sketch pen, drawing book, crayons, sports articles, cloth bags and green writing boards and notice boards for the classrooms.

Sewa Rural:
LANXESS has contributed a sum of Rs. 10 lakhs to Sewa Rural, a voluntary development organization involved in health and development activities in rural tribal areas. The contribution was made in favour of Vivekananda Gramin Tekniki Kendra for equipping and strengthening amenities in the campus and supporting services for students. The project entails installation of solar street lights and solar cooker system, building the water harvesting and drainage systems and making the water lagoon facility more effective and accessories for overhead tank and pipelines.

On 3rd June 2011 LANXESS celebrate World Environment Day at Vivekananda Gramin Tekniki Kendra (VGTK) vocational training centre of Sewa Rural. The Sewa Rural team showed the visitors the installed solar lights, solar cooker and also informed that developing of rain water harvesting will be possible only after the monsoon breaks in July. After campus visit, LANXESS Jhagadia management, Sewa Rural management, students and S M Vaijnapurkar, Deputy Environment Engineer at Gujarat Pollution Control Board joined for the tree plantation at the VGTK premises. LANXESS contributed plants such as Neem tree, Badam tree, Gulmohar, Paras Pipada and Garmaro to Sewa Rural. Around fifteen saplings were planted at their site.

The students of Sewa Rural also participated in making ‘best out of waste’ competition with zest and wore green bands which added to the spree of the celebration.

Kanya Kelavani Nidhi:
As a part of child welfare and education program, LANXESS India has also supported the girls’ education initiative by the government of Gujarat, namely Kanya Kelavani Nidhi with a sum of Rs. 10 lakhs. Kanya kelavani is now a movement in Gujarat addressing the cause in totality. The initiative from the level of the Chief Minister has moved the hearts of the society and state administration alike. The mood in Gujarat is to set new records; in the area of education in general and girl-child education in particular.

Industrial Training Institute (ITI):
In 2008, LANXESS India supported Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Jhagadia on the Child Welfare and Educational Project. For the project, LANXESS India has donated Rs. 1,20,000 to the institute to sponsor the education of 89 students for a year. In 2009 LANXESS India sponsorsed which included one year of educational training, students’ fee for the training program and the purchase of engineering toolkits required for the curriculum.

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