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Cohedur bonding agents promote adhesion between elastic rubber and inelastic-but-durable material such as reinforcing carcasses or steel cords, which are combined to make long-lasting tires, conveyor belts, hoses, rubberized fabrics, containers, etc.

Adhesion between rubber and reinforcing materials is very important for composites such as tires, conveyor belts, V-belts, hoses, rubberized fabrics, and containers. These products consist of an elastomeric matrix and a reinforcing material. The elastomeric matrix tears easily but can be stretched, which provides elasticity. The reinforcing material does not tear easily and does not stretch, which provides dimensional stability.

Cohedur® bonding agents enhance adhesion by physical and chemical interaction. These direct bonding agents are mixed into the rubber compound, which can be applied directly to the substrate. Without bonding agents, adhesion is based only on mechanical interaction due to the penetration of the rubber between the fibers.

Business Unit 

Rubber Chemicals

Properties and Benefits 

  • Direct bonding agents 
  • Good adhesion between rubber and substrate 
  • Only slight influence on the cure process in diene rubber

Areas of Applications 

  • Tires: Steel Cord-to-rubber bonding 
  • Auto Parts: Rubber-to-metal bonding  (e.g., engine mounts)
  • Auto Parts: Fabric-to-rubber bonding (e.g., fuel supply lines)
  • Hoses 
  • Conveyor belts, V-belts, etc. 

CAS Number 

  • Cohedur A 200
  • Cohedur A 250
  • Cohedur H 30
  • Cohedur RL
  • Cohedur RK
  • Cohedur RS


  • Cohedur A 200
  • Cohedur A 250
  • Cohedur H 30
  • Cohedur RDL
  • Cohedur RK
  • Cohedur RS


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