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Afford protection from oxygen, heat and unorientated crack formation (crazing).

These antioxidants afford outstanding protection from oxygen, heat and unorientated crack formation (crazing), against dynamic  stress, oxidation,  ozone and rubber poisons.

Pevents oxidative degradation / aging - 

a) Due toa an action of oxygen at room temperature
b) Heat ageing due to action of oxygen at elavated temepratures
c) crazing Action of UV light on surface  of vulcaznates
d) Metal poisoning Action of Oxygen accelerated by minute traces of metaL such as Cu,Mn
e) action of Ozoned
f)  Dynamic flexing

Antidegradants such as Vulkanox® are chemicals which protect the vulcanizates against damaging external influences. Depending on the chemical structure, they act against one or more of the aging processes mentioned. None of the antidegradants is universally effective, each has a definite spectrum of activity and characteristic effectiveness, and a definite propensity to discolor the goods if they are exposed to light. Staining antidegradants are generally more effective than non-staining ones

Bussiness Unit : Advanced Industrial Intermediates

Areas of Applications:

  • Car, truck and earthmover tires; technical goods subjected to dynamic stress; spring components, belting, hose, seals; cable sheathing and insulation, inner tubes, roll covers
  • Conveyor and transmission belting
  • Cables and Wires
  • Floor  Coveringing
  • Textiles and fibres
  • Rubberized fabrics
  • Rubber,latex For white, colored, and transparent goods from solid rubber or latex.
  • Used in roll covers, buffers,
  • Suitable for boots and footwear soles and heels.
  • Used in treads, side walls , autotubes and carcass
  • Technical moldings and extrudates in general, e.g. seals, hoses, profiles, cable sheeting & insulation

Properties & Benefits

  • Protection against oxidation, ozone, heat and rubber poisons
  • Protection against dynamic stress

CAS Number

  • Vulkanox 4010NA
  • Vulkanox 4020
  • Vulkanox 4030
  • Vulkanox HS/LG            
  • Vulkanox MB2/MG
  • Vulkanox MB2/MG-C
  • Vulkanox SKF
  • Vulkanox SP  Styrenated Phenol
  • Vulkanox ZMB 2 methyl−2−mercaptobenzimidazole, zinc salt (ZMMBI)CAS No.:
  • Vulkanox ZMB 2/C-5


  • Vulkanox 4010 Na( N-isopropyl-N'-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine)
  • Vulkanox 4020LG−(1,3−dimethylbutyl)−N’−phenyl−p−phenylenediamine
  • Vulkanox 4030N,N’−bis(1,4−dimethylpentyl)−p−phenylene diamine (77PD)
  • Vulkanox DSReaction product of phenol with C4/C8−olefins and styrene
  • Vulkanox HS/LG 2,2,4-Trimethyl-1,2-dihydroquinoline,polymerised (TMQ)   cas 26780-96-1
  • Vulkanox MB2 methyl−2−mercaptobenzimidazole (MMBI) Vulkanox MB2/MG
  • Vulkanox MB2/MG-C
  • Vulkanox SKF4−methylphenol, reaction products with dicyclopentadiene and isobutylene
  • Vulkanox SP  Styrenated Phenol
  • Vulkanox ZMB 2 methyl−2−mercaptobenzimidazole, zinc salt (ZMMBI)
  • Vulkanox ZMB 2/C-5methyl-2-mercaptobenzimidazole, zinc salt


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