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Lewatit® FO 36

Lewatit® FO 36 is a macroporous, monodispersed, weakly basic, polystyrene-based ion exchange resin for the selective adsorption of oxoanions, such as arsenate or arsenite ions. It is doped with a nano-scale film of iron oxide covering the inner surfaces of the pores of the polymer bead. Target oxoanions are bonded by a specific, reversible reaction involving hydroxy-groups on the iron oxide surface.

Lewatit® FO 36 is especially suitable for use in the following applications:

In the purification of potable water arsenic can be removed down to rest concentrations significantly lower than 10 µ g/l which is the maximum contaminant level set in several countries. Lewatit® FO 36 is also capable of adsorbing other species such as HPO 4 2-, HSbO4 2-, SCN- etc.


Business Unit
Liquid Purification Technologies


Properties and benefits

  • Arsenic removal from drinking water
  • Arsenic removal from ground water (ground water remediation)
  • Arsenic removal from process solutions even in presence of high contents of neutral salts .


Areas of Applications

  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment

How to use the product

When using Lewatit® FO 36 to treat potable water, special care should be paid at the onset. Please refer to the recommended start-up-conditions contained in this data sheet.

After pre-treatment as per instructions, Lewatit® FO 36 is in compliance with the European Resolution ResAP (2004)3  


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LANXESS makes dimensioning tool for water treatment even more practical

The specialty chemicals company LANXESS has comprehensively updated its LewaPlus design software for the water industry. The dimensioning of reverse osmosis (RO) and ion exchange systems (IX) is now even more practical and user-friendlier.