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Water Resource Management Award

LANXESS India’s state-of-the-art water recycling project in Nagda was rewarded by the Indian Chemical Council.

Clean water is one of our most precious resources today, and LANXESS is firmly committed to efficient use, recycling and preservation of water.

To this end, LANXESS India has set up a treatment plant at its Nagda manufacturing site in Madhya Pradesh for recycling domestic sewage water for industrial use.

In December 2009, the Indian Chemical Council rewarded LANXESS India with the ‘Water Resource Management’ award. It was presented to LANXESS India by the Union Minister for State for Chemicals and Fertiliser, Mr. Srikant Jena, at a ceremony in Mumbai.

The town of Nagda, on the banks of the Chambal river, is host to a number of industries. Water is sometimes in short supply, particularly during the summer months of May and June, when the river dries up.

At the LANXESS Nagda plant, domestic sewage water is first treated using biological agents to remove organic contaminants and sediments, and this reclaimed water is used for the factory’s cooling towers. Some of the treated water is then further purified through reverse osmosis and run through a filter of mixed-bed resins so that it is ultra pure and can be used to run the boilers for steam generation. Multiple usage of the sewage water contributes significantly to the overall water balance in the region and keeps the LANXESS plant running through the dry summer months.

The Nagda treatment plant takes domestic sewage water from the region and recycles it using processes that include biological treatment as well as reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is an advanced water treatment technology that uses pressure to force the contaminated water through a membrane, virtually eliminating a wide array of contaminants including individual ions.

These initiatives reflect LANXESS’s commitment to green chemistry. The systems and processes are not only crucial for the sustainability and long-term growth of the chemical industry in Nagda, but also beneficial to the local community.

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